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Chapter: 43 - Degrees of crimes

2c:43-1 Degrees of crimes (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3143.000000000)
2c:43-2 Sentence in accordance with code; authorized dispositions. (2020-01-15 16:32:42,3144.000000000)
2c:43-2.1 Motor vehicle theft or unlawful taking; restitution (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3145.000000000)
2c:43-2.2 Issuance of court order requiring serological tests. (2013-08-29 10:39:27,3146.000000000)
2c:43-2.3 Orders for certain serological testing required under certain circumstances (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3147.000000000)
2c:43-2.4 Authority to impound motor vehicles. (2018-08-17 13:15:29,3147.500000000)
2c:43-3 Fines and restitutions (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3148.000000000)
2c:43-3.1 Victim, witness, criminal disposition, and collection funds (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3149.000000000)
2c:43-3.2 Assessments for Safe Neighborhoods Services (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3150.000000000)
2c:43-3.3 Additional penalties for persons convicted of crime deposited in "Law Enforcement Officers Training and Equipment Fund" (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3151.000000000)
2c:43-3.4 Restitution for extradition costs. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3152.000000000)
2c:43-3.5 Additional penalty for certain offenses. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3153.000000000)
2c:43-3.6 Additional penalty for sex offense for deposit in Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program Fund. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3154.000000000)
2c:43-3.7 Surcharge for certain sexual offenders to fund grants, programs, certain. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3155.000000000)
2c:43-3.8 Offenses involving computer criminal activities; penalties; "Computer Crime Prevention Fund." (2017-08-11 09:20:26,3156.000000000)
2c:43-4 Penalties Against Corporations; Forfeiture of Corporate Charter or Revocation of Certificate Authorizing Foreign Corporation to do Business in the Sta (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3157.000000000)
2c:43-5 Young adult offenders (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3158.000000000)
2c:43-5.1 Crimes committed by students, notification to principal, certain circumstances. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3159.000000000)
2c:43-6 Sentence of imprisonment for crime; ordinary terms; mandatory terms. (2013-10-04 14:45:57,3160.000000000)
2c:43-6.1 Person under minimum mandatory sentence for possession of firearm with intent to use against property of another; review of sentence; imposition of ot (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3161.000000000)
2c:43-6.2 Probation; reduction of mandatory minimum term (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3162.000000000)
2c:43-6.3 Review of sentence (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3163.000000000)
2c:43-6.4 Special sentence of parole supervision for life. (2018-06-29 12:23:37,3164.000000000)
2c:43-6.5 Mandatory minimum prison term for public officer, employee convicted of certain crimes; waiver, reduction. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3165.000000000)
2c:43-6.6 Internet access conditions for certain sex offenders; fourth degree crime. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3166.000000000)
2c:43-6.7 Effective date; applicability. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3167.000000000)
2c:43-6.8 Sentencing for offenses involving domestic violence. (2017-01-18 09:44:16,3167.000100000)
2c:43-7 Sentence of imprisonment for crime; extended terms. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3168.000000000)
2c:43-7.1 Life imprisonment without parole (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3169.000000000)
2c:43-7.2 Mandatory service of 85 percent of sentence for certain offenses. (2013-09-12 14:56:00,3170.000000000)
2c:43-8 Sentence of imprisonment for disorderly persons offenses and petty disorderly persons offenses (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3171.000000000)
2c:43-8.1 Seasonally leased premises; termination of right to occupy, visit (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3172.000000000)
2c:43-9 Release of all offenders; length of recommitment and reparole after revocation of parole (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3173.000000000)
2c:43-10 Place of imprisonment; beginning sentences; transfers (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3174.000000000)
2c:43-11 Program of intensive supervision, eligibility. (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3175.000000000)
2c:43-12 Supervisory treatment - pretrial intervention. (2017-05-10 12:16:39,3176.000000000)
2c:43-13 Supervisory treatment procedure. (2013-09-13 14:32:58,3177.000000000)
2c:43-13.1 Eligibility and application. (2017-05-10 12:16:42,3177.100097656)
2c:43-13.2 Court approval of defendant's participation in conditional dismissal program. (2013-09-13 14:33:02,3177.149902344)
2c:43-13.3 Extension of conditional dismissal term. (2013-09-13 14:33:04,3177.199951172)
2c:43-13.4 Violation of terms prior to dismissal. (2013-09-13 14:33:05,3177.250000000)
2c:43-13.5 Dismissal. (2013-09-13 14:33:06,3177.300048828)
2c:43-13.6 Effect of dismissal. (2013-09-13 14:33:08,3177.350097656)
2c:43-13.7 Limitation. (2013-09-24 13:55:15,3177.399902344)
2c:43-13.8 Conditional dismissal assessment, restitution and other assessments. (2013-09-13 14:33:11,3177.449951172)
2c:43-13.9 "Municipal Court Diversion Fund." (2013-09-13 14:33:12,3177.500000000)
2c:43-14 Authority of supreme court (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3178.000000000)
2c:43-15 Presentation of proposed rules at judicial conference (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3179.000000000)
2c:43-16 Public announcement of proposed rules; delivery of copies (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3180.000000000)
2c:43-17 Effective date of rules; rules subject to cancellation by joint resolution (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3181.000000000)
2c:43-18 Change or cancellation of rules by statute or adoption of subsequent rules (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3182.000000000)
2c:43-19 Adoption of rules at such time, or with such effective date, or without presentation at judicial conference, as may be provided in joint resolution (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3183.000000000)
2c:43-20 Reduction or elimination of time during which rules may be canceled by joint resolution (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3184.000000000)
2c:43-21 Index and reports (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3185.000000000)
2c:43-22 Disclaimer (2013-06-10 16:36:30,3186.000000000)
2c:43-23 Definitions relative to offenders who are veterans or servicemembers. (2017-05-10 12:16:44,3186.000100000)
2c:43-24 Statewide Veterans Diversion Program. (2017-05-10 12:16:47,3186.000200000)
2c:43-25 Determination of eligibility. (2017-05-10 12:16:50,3186.000300000)
2c:43-26 Application to participate in Veterans Diversion Program. (2017-05-10 12:16:55,3186.000400000)
2c:43-27 Construction of act. (2017-05-10 12:16:57,3186.000500000)
2c:43-28 Development of differentiated mental health supervision case type. (2017-05-10 12:16:58,3186.000600000)
2c:43-29 Annual report to Governor, Legislature. (2017-05-10 12:17:01,3186.000700000)
2c:43-30 Collaboration with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. (2017-05-10 12:17:03,3186.000800000)
2c:43-31 Information published on websites. (2017-05-10 12:17:05,3186.000900000)