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Chapter: 1 "Board" , "department" and "director" defined
Chapter: 2 Office; suboffices; meetings
Chapter: 3 Commissioners to make survey and report as to riparian lands, etc.
Chapter: 4 Removing obstructions from rivers and creeks
Chapter: 5 Annual report on condition of water-front or harbor facilities; recommendations
Chapter: 6 General powers and duties
Chapter: 6A Beach protection; powers
Chapter: 6B Findings, declarations relative to dredging, dredged material disposal
Chapter: 7
Chapter: 7A
Chapter: 7B Craft required to carry and display lights
Chapter: 7C Flat-bottomed boat, barge, scow or raft; abandonment; misdemeanor
Chapter: 7D Vessel, defined
Chapter: 7E Powers of marine patrolmen
Chapter: 8 Appointment; term; qualifications; vacancies; name changed; transfer of Board in but not of DOT; redesignated commission.
Chapter: 9 Jurisdiction and powers
Chapter: 10 Record of acts and proceedings; inspection
Chapter: 11A Legislative findings
Chapter: 13 State, counties and municipalities authorized to apply for establishment of zones