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Chapter: 1 Department of Banking and Insurance reconstituted
Chapter: 1C Training program for volunteers
Chapter: 1D Office for e-HIT.
Chapter: 2 Bonds secured by mortgage on leaseholds of camp meeting associations--limitations
Chapter: 2A
Chapter: 3 Extension of time of payment
Chapter: 3A
Chapter: 3B Truth in lending; inconsistent state provisions
Chapter: 3C Prohibition; exceptions
Chapter: 4 Substitution of "successor" company for "liquidating" company as fiduciary; account; bond
Chapter: 6 Veterans' loans as legal investments
Chapter: 9 Depositories for public moneys; designation; effect upon officers liability
Chapter: 9A
Chapter: 10B
Chapter: 10C Residential Mortgage and Consumer Finance Advisory Board.
Chapter: 11C
Chapter: 11D
Chapter: 12B Construction as revision of prior laws
Chapter: 13 Repeal
Chapter: 13A Application of act
Chapter: 13B
Chapter: 14A
Chapter: 15A
Chapter: 15C
Chapter: 16A
Chapter: 16BB Guaranteed asset protection waivers defined, offered.
Chapter: 16C
Chapter: 16D
Chapter: 16E Purpose
Chapter: 16F Legislative findings and declarations
Chapter: 16G
Chapter: 16H
Chapter: 16I
Chapter: 16J
Chapter: 16K
Chapter: 16L
Chapter: 16M
Chapter: 16N Findings, declarations
Chapter: 16P Borrower may choose own attorney; payment of fees regulated; secured loan
Chapter: 16Q
Chapter: 16R Substitution of fiduciaries
Chapter: 16S
Chapter: 16T Findings, declarations relative to release of certain account information of senior or vulnerable customers.
Chapter: 16U Findings, declarations relative to voluntary compliance reviews by depository institutions
Chapter: 16V
Chapter: 16W Declaration regarding records retention
Chapter: 16X
Chapter: 16Y Use of trade name, trademark of depository institution.
Chapter: 16Z
Chapter: 16ZZ Student Loans
Chapter: 17 Kinds of insurance
Chapter: 17A Insurer may acquire stock of or have common management with other insurers; restrictions
Chapter: 17B Statement of beneficial owner, director or officer; amount of securities; change in ownership
Chapter: 17C
Chapter: 18 Powers and duties generally
Chapter: 19 Insanitary housing conditions; necessity for remedy
Chapter: 20
Chapter: 21 Proxy voting permitted at elections
Chapter: 22 Effective date
Chapter: 22A
Chapter: 22B
Chapter: 22C
Chapter: 22D
Chapter: 22E
Chapter: 23 Statements; format; preparation
Chapter: 23A Insurers, persons covered by act
Chapter: 23B
Chapter: 23C Findings, declarations relative to compliance review of insurance carriers
Chapter: 24 Investments by insurance companies generally.
Chapter: 25 Classes of stock
Chapter: 26 Change of name, extension of corporate existence or amendment of charter or certificate of incorporation; procedure
Chapter: 27 Merger of two or more stock corporations; agreement of merger; approval by Commissioner
Chapter: 27A
Chapter: 27B
Chapter: 28 Separate risks and premiums; exceptions
Chapter: 28A Repeal
Chapter: 29 Substitution of policies; charges prohibited; exception
Chapter: 29A
Chapter: 29AA
Chapter: 29B Declaration of purpose
Chapter: 29C Policy provision; written notice
Chapter: 29D Rules, regulations for insurance plans; administration; requirements for automobile plan.
Chapter: 29E
Chapter: 30A
Chapter: 30B
Chapter: 30C
Chapter: 30D
Chapter: 30E
Chapter: 31 Surety company as bondsman; premiums on official bonds
Chapter: 32 Waiving requirements for certain foreign insurers
Chapter: 33 Fees
Chapter: 33A
Chapter: 33B
Chapter: 33C
Chapter: 35 Application of article
Chapter: 35A Regulation; exemption from Uniform Securities Law
Chapter: 35B Repeal
Chapter: 35C
Chapter: 36 Creation; application of; maintenance
Chapter: 37 Property mutual company may insure
Chapter: 37A Policy declaration for mandatory program of essential insurance
Chapter: 37B Findings, declarations
Chapter: 38 Fraternal benefit society contracts; conformity with health insurance provisions
Chapter: 44B
Chapter: 45 Mutual benefit association defined
Chapter: 45A Mutual benefit association defined
Chapter: 46A
Chapter: 46B Certain words defined
Chapter: 46C
Chapter: 46D Hospital, medical benefits for pets
Chapter: 47 Insurance on Lloyds plan authorized
Chapter: 47A
Chapter: 47B
Chapter: 48
Chapter: 48A
Chapter: 48B Additional powers
Chapter: 48C Objects and purposes
Chapter: 48D Title of act
Chapter: 48E
Chapter: 48F
Chapter: 48G
Chapter: 48H
Chapter: 49 Individual insurance authorized; prerequisites to doing business.
Chapter: 49A
Chapter: 50 Exchange of contracts authorized; law exclusive
Chapter: 51 Acts which constitute commissioner as attorney for service of process, service
Chapter: 51A
Chapter: 51B
Chapter: 52 Business development corporations; purposes