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Chapter: 1 Terms defined
Chapter: 1A
Chapter: 2 Department may establish
Chapter: 2A Program to collect, process, store and distribute; educational and research activities; rules; cooperation
Chapter: 2AA
Chapter: 2B Commission on Alcoholism and Promotion of Temperance abolished
Chapter: 2BB Findings, declarations
Chapter: 2C
Chapter: 2D
Chapter: 2F
Chapter: 2G
Chapter: 2H Declaration of public policy
Chapter: 2I Declaration of serious public emergency relative to health care facilities
Chapter: 2J
Chapter: 2K
Chapter: 2KK Findings, declarations relative to trauma care.
Chapter: 2L
Chapter: 2M Alzheimer's Disease training
Chapter: 2MM Findings, declarations relative to elderly person suicide prevention.
Chapter: 2N
Chapter: 2NN "Law Enforcement Officer Crisis Intervention Services" telephone hotline.
Chapter: 2O Findings, declarations
Chapter: 2P Findings, declarations
Chapter: 2Q Findings, declarations
Chapter: 2R
Chapter: 2RR
Chapter: 2S
Chapter: 2T Newly diagnosed Hepatitis C cases; information, reports.
Chapter: 2U Chronic Fatigue Syndrome resources network established.
Chapter: 2V
Chapter: 2W Rules, regulations.
Chapter: 2X Public awareness campaign relative to meningitis.
Chapter: 2Y
Chapter: 2Z Findings, declarations relative to human stem cell research.
Chapter: 2ZZ Findings, declarations relative to aphasia.
Chapter: 3 Establishment of local board
Chapter: 3A2
Chapter: 3B Disposal of human excrement
Chapter: 3D
Chapter: 3E "Restaurant" defined
Chapter: 4 "Communicable disease" defined
Chapter: 4A
Chapter: 4B Public restrooms; availability of units without charge; equality of charges for remaining units
Chapter: 4C Lactation Rooms
Chapter: 5A Reports by physicians of cerebral palsy cases
Chapter: 5B
Chapter: 5C
Chapter: 5D
Chapter: 6
Chapter: 6A
Chapter: 6B Revised State Medical Examiner Act
Chapter: 6C Findings, declarations relative to maternal mortality and morbidity.
Chapter: 7 Burial permit
Chapter: 8
Chapter: 8A
Chapter: 9
Chapter: 10 Forbidden material in manufacture
Chapter: 12
Chapter: 13
Chapter: 14
Chapter: 15 Findings, declarations relative to health care coverage.