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Chapter: 1
Chapter: 1A Department of Labor and Industry established; "department" defined
Chapter: 1B
Chapter: 2
Chapter: 3A Findings, declarations
Chapter: 4 Device to prevent moving until door closed
Chapter: 4A
Chapter: 5
Chapter: 5A
Chapter: 6 Reports of fires in industrial establishments
Chapter: 6A
Chapter: 6B Smoking, use of tobacco products shall not affect employment
Chapter: 7 License necessary; emergencies; exceptions; administration; examinations
Chapter: 8
Chapter: 8A
Chapter: 8B Provisions prohibited in advertisements for job vacancies.
Chapter: 9 Employment of aliens on public works forbidden; penalty
Chapter: 9A
Chapter: 10 Twelve hours maximum day
Chapter: 11 Weekly payment of wages by railroad, express, car-loading and car-forwarding companies; agreements to contrary; action by employee
Chapter: 11A
Chapter: 11B
Chapter: 12 Combinations to persuade others as to employment not unlawful
Chapter: 13 Appointment of arbitrators
Chapter: 13A
Chapter: 13B Declaration of policy
Chapter: 13C Importation or transportation of strikebreakers
Chapter: 15 Employees' right to recover for negligent injury; willful negligence as defense; jury question
Chapter: 15B
Chapter: 15C
Chapter: 15D
Chapter: 15E
Chapter: 15F Findings, declarations relative to mentoring programs.
Chapter: 16
Chapter: 17 Purposes
Chapter: 18 Fidelity deposits by employees as trust funds
Chapter: 19
Chapter: 20
Chapter: 21