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Chapter: 1
Chapter: 2 Jurisdiction of Superior Court not affected
Chapter: 3 Individuals competent to make a will and appoint a testamentary guardian.
Chapter: 4
Chapter: 5 Requirement that heir survive decedent by 120 hours.
Chapter: 6
Chapter: 7 Effect of intentional killing on intestate succession, wills, trusts, joint assets, life insurance and beneficiary designations.
Chapter: 8 Elective share of surviving spouse or domestic partner of person dying domiciled in this State; conditions.
Chapter: 9
Chapter: 10 Grant of letters of administration
Chapter: 11 Creator's reserved interest in trust alienable subject to creditors' claims
Chapter: 12 Power of the court to order a protective arrangement.
Chapter: 12A Findings, declarations relative to kinship legal guardianship.
Chapter: 12B
Chapter: 13
Chapter: 13A
Chapter: 14 Survivorship and succession among cofiduciaries; duties and powers
Chapter: 15 Bonds of fiduciaries; exceptions.
Chapter: 16 General requisites
Chapter: 17 Fiduciary filing release by ward or cestui que trust
Chapter: 18 Commissions of nontestamentary trustee
Chapter: 19B
Chapter: 20
Chapter: 21 Removal of property from the State
Chapter: 22 Waiver of statutes of limitations
Chapter: 23 Distribution of assets in kind
Chapter: 24
Chapter: 25 Nonexoneration of property subject to mortgage or security interest; exception.
Chapter: 26 Definition of absent person
Chapter: 27 Death of resident or nonresident presumed after 5 years' absence or exposure to specific catastrophic event.
Chapter: 28 Estates of dower and curtesy prior to May 28, 1980.
Chapter: 29 Laws repealed
Chapter: 30
Chapter: 31 Uniform Trust Code