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Chapter: 1 Trenton seat of government; location of legislative sessions
Chapter: 2 Description of great seal of state
Chapter: 2A Official colors
Chapter: 3 State flag; color
Chapter: 4 Promulgation of national census
Chapter: 4A Actions on tort against state
Chapter: 4B
Chapter: 4C Findings, declarations relative to persons mistakenly imprisoned.
Chapter: 4D Cigarette smoking, health, financial concerns to State; policy
Chapter: 5 State fiscal year
Chapter: 6 Appointment; number; designation and description; application; fees
Chapter: 7
Chapter: 8 Apportionment of surplus revenue among counties; repayment; loans; annual statement
Chapter: 9 State director of United New Jersey Railroad and Canal Company; appointment, compensation and duties
Chapter: 9A Eastern goldfinch designated as state bird
Chapter: 9B Commission established; functions
Chapter: 9DD New Jersey Human Relations Council.
Chapter: 9E
Chapter: 9EE
Chapter: 9H Budget message; recommendations for appropriations
Chapter: 9HH Pension and Health Benefits Review Commission
Chapter: 9J Creation of commission
Chapter: 9M State Commission of Investigation.
Chapter: 9P Program for observance of 250th anniversary of U.S. independence, first Constitution of this State.
Chapter: 9Q Creation
Chapter: 9R Joint Committee on the Public Schools; creation; membership; appointment; compensation; vacancies
Chapter: 9RR Findings, declarations relative to housing affordability.
Chapter: 9S
Chapter: 9U
Chapter: 9W Establishment; membership; terms; vacancies
Chapter: 9WW Asian American Study Foundation.
Chapter: 9X Findings
Chapter: 9XX Findings, declarations
Chapter: 9YY
Chapter: 9Z Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission established
Chapter: 9ZZ New Jersey Commission on Higher Education and Business Partnerships.
Chapter: 10A Salaries of legislators.
Chapter: 11 President of senate to exercise powers of vice president of council
Chapter: 12 Official handbook of legislature; printing; binding
Chapter: 13 Attendance of witnesses; production of books and papers; legal and clerical assistance
Chapter: 13A Expenses of trial of impeachment to be paid by State Treasurer
Chapter: 13B Review of introduced bill, determination of need and request for fiscal note.
Chapter: 13C Declaration of intent.
Chapter: 13D Legislative findings
Chapter: 13E
Chapter: 13F
Chapter: 13G Legislative findings and declarations
Chapter: 13H Findings, declarations relative to State-imposed mandates
Chapter: 14 "Department" and "head of department" defined
Chapter: 14A
Chapter: 14B
Chapter: 14C
Chapter: 14D
Chapter: 14E
Chapter: 14F Establishment; allocation within department of state; office defined
Chapter: 15 Salary of governor
Chapter: 15A
Chapter: 15B Findings, declarations relative to an Office of the Inspector General.
Chapter: 15C Findings, declarations relative to the office of the State Comptroller.
Chapter: 15D Findings, declarations relative to deployment of oversight monitors in implementation of certain recovery and rebuilding projects.
Chapter: 16 Bond; conditions; surety; filing
Chapter: 16A Department established
Chapter: 17A Purpose of act
Chapter: 17B Establishment of department; "the department" defined
Chapter: 17C
Chapter: 18 Death, resignation, etc., of treasurer; account; delivery of funds to successor
Chapter: 18A "Department" defined
Chapter: 18B
Chapter: 19 Oath; filing.
Chapter: 20 State House Commission, composition, compensation, terms.
Chapter: 22 Director of the Division of Budget and Accounting authorized to transfer certain monies.
Chapter: 24 Office of state auditor continued; employees continued
Chapter: 25
Chapter: 27 Local Government Board to be constituted the "Municipal Finance Commission"
Chapter: 27A Powers and duties of Funding Commission vested in Local Government Board
Chapter: 27B Terms defined
Chapter: 27BB
Chapter: 27BBB
Chapter: 27BBBB Municipal Stabilization and Recovery Act
Chapter: 27C Department of Economic Development
Chapter: 27D Establishment
Chapter: 27E Communications, records; confidentiality protected
Chapter: 27EE
Chapter: 27F
Chapter: 27G Legislative findings and declarations
Chapter: 27H
Chapter: 27I Additional powers of authority.
Chapter: 28 Preamble
Chapter: 29 Triennial inspection and replacement or repair of monuments; setting of monuments where wanting
Chapter: 30 Consent to acquisition of land by United States
Chapter: 31 Sale, conveyance of State's interest; terms; conditions; public hearing; proceeds
Chapter: 31A Repeals
Chapter: 31B
Chapter: 31C
Chapter: 32 American goods and products to be used in state work
Chapter: 33
Chapter: 34 Purchases or contracts payable out of state funds; public advertisements for bids
Chapter: 35 "Person" , "official" and "officer" defined
Chapter: 35A
Chapter: 36 Powers and duties of division of purchase and property in department of treasury and its director
Chapter: 38 Findings, declarations relative to project labor agreements
Chapter: 39
Chapter: 40 Findings, declarations relative to the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009."