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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 18A, EDUCATION

    Chapter 36A:

      Section: 18A:36A-7: Student admissions to charter school.

          7. A charter school shall be open to all students on a space available basis and shall not discriminate in its admission policies or practices on the basis of intellectual or athletic ability, measures of achievement or aptitude, status as a person with a disability, proficiency in the English language, or any other basis that would be illegal if used by a school district; however, a charter school may limit admission to a particular grade level or to areas of concentration of the school, such as mathematics, science, or the arts. A charter school may establish reasonable criteria to evaluate prospective students which shall be outlined in the school's charter.

L.1995, c.426, s.7; amended 2017, c.131, s.26.

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