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    Chapter 20: Qualifications of jurors

      Section: 2B:20-2: Preparation of juror source list.

2B:20-2. a. The names of persons eligible for jury service shall be selected from a single juror source list of county residents whose names and addresses shall be obtained from a merger of the following lists: registered voters, licensed drivers, filers of State gross income tax returns and filers of homestead rebate or credit application forms. The county election board, the Division of Motor Vehicles and the State Division of Taxation shall provide these lists annually to the Assignment Judge of the county. The Assignment Judge may provide for the merger of additional lists of persons eligible for jury service that may contribute to the breadth of the juror source list. Merger of the lists of eligible jurors into a single juror source list shall include a reasonable attempt to eliminate duplication of names.

b. The juror source list shall be compiled once a year or more often as directed by the Assignment Judge.

c. The juror source list may be expanded by the Supreme Court as it deems appropriate.

Amended 2007, c.62, s.41.

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