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    Chapter 20: Qualifications of jurors

      Section: 2B:20-4: Public and random selection of jurors

           a. Before each session of the Superior Court, the Assignment Judge shall provide for the drawing of names from the juror source list of persons to be summoned for service as grand and petit jurors.

b. The Assignment Judge shall specify the number of panels of grand and petit jurors to be drawn, the number of names to be drawn for each panel and the form and manner of preparation of the lists of names drawn. The lists shall state the name and address and, if available, occupation of each juror to be summoned.

c. The Assignment Judge shall provide for the selection of additional panels of grand and petit jurors from the juror source list at any time when it appears that additional panels of jurors will be required.

d. Both the drawing of names and the assignment of selected names to panels shall be public and random.

e. The Assignment Judge may provide for the random selection of jurors, and their assignment to panels, by the use of electronic devices, if:

(1) the method of random selection is specified with particularity in the instructions of the assignment judge; and

(2) the specification of the method and any programs and procedures used to implement the method, including any computer programs which are utilized, are available for public inspection upon request.

Source: 2A:70-4a; 2A:71-3.1; 2A:71-4; 2A:71-8; 2A:71-10; 2A:71-12


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