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    Chapter 4: Application of chapter

      Section: 39:4-139.4: Uniform traffic ticket; complaint and summons; contents; personal service

           a. The complaint and summons shall be a uniform traffic ticket in the form prescribed by the Administrative Director of the Courts and shall contain information advising the person to whom it is issued of the manner in which and the time within which an answer to the offense alleged is required. The parking ticket shall also advise that penalties may result from a failure to answer, that the failure to answer or appear shall be considered an admission of liability, and that a default judgment may be entered against the owner of the vehicle.

b. A parking ticket shall be served personally upon the operator of a vehicle who is present at the time of service, and his name shall be recorded on the parking ticket, together with the plate number and type as shown by the registration plates of the vehicle and the make or model of the vehicle. If the operator is not present, the parking ticket shall be served upon the owner of the vehicle by affixing the parking ticket to the vehicle in a conspicuous place, or by any other method appropriate under R. 4:4-4 of the Rules Governing the Courts of the State of New Jersey.

c. A parking ticket shall also contain sufficient information to inform the person of the nature, date, time and location of the offense alleged. Service of a parking ticket by affixation as provided in subsection b. of this section shall have the same effect as if the parking ticket was personally served on the owner or operator of the vehicle.

d. The original parking ticket shall be signed by the complainant, who shall certify to the truth of the facts set forth therein. The original parking ticket or a true copy of the parking ticket shall be considered a record kept in the ordinary business of the enforcement agency and shall be prima facie evidence of the facts contained therein.

e. An operator of a vehicle who is not the owner, but who uses or operates the vehicle with the permission of the owner, express or implied, shall be considered the agent of the owner to receive parking tickets served in accordance with subsection b. of this section.

L. 1985, c. 14, s. 3.

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