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    Chapter 4: Application of chapter

      Section: 39:4-139.9: Operating costs; civil contempt

           a. Out of each parking penalty assessed and disbursed to the municipality where a failure to appear notice was issued under these provisions, $2.00 shall be designated and distributed to the municipal court by the municipality to provide for the operating costs to administer this act. These funds shall be in addition to the municipal court's normal budget allocation but in no event shall exceed those additional costs to the court incurred as a result of this act.

b. If a respondent defaults in the payment of a fine, penalty or costs, or of an installment, the court may require the respondent to show cause why the default should not be treated as a civil contempt and may issue a summons or order to show cause or a bench warrant of arrest for the respondent's appearance. The officers of a corporation or the partners, directors or officers of an association may be held in contempt upon a default by the corporation or association.

L.1985,c.14,s.8; amended 1989,c.137.

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