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    Chapter 4: Application of chapter

      Section: 39:4-14.3j: Form for sale of motorized bicycles; registration; fees

           10. At the time of original sale of a motorized bicycle in this State, a motorized bicycle dealer shall complete a form, of a kind to be approved by the director, which shall contain the following information:

a. The year of manufacture, make, model, color, and unladen weight of the motorized bicycle;

b. The United States Department of Transportation head tag serial number of the motorized bicycle;

c. The name, street address, and age of the purchaser of the motorized bicycle;

d. The business name and address of the motorized bicycle dealer from whom the bicycle was purchased;

e. The amount of New Jersey sales tax collected by the dealer;

f. The motorized bicycle dealer's New Jersey sales tax authorization number;

g. Signatures of both the motorized bicycle dealer and the purchaser;

h. The month, day and year of sale;

i. The name of the insurer of the motorized bicycle and the policy number;

j. Any other information required by the director.

The dealer shall retain one copy of the form and present the other two to the purchaser. The form shall constitute temporary registration for the vehicle for a period of 20 days from the date of purchase; provided, however, that the purchaser shall comply with all other laws, rules and regulations regarding operation of motorized bicycles.

The dealer shall issue the purchaser temporary license plates to be displayed on the motorized bicycle until permanent registration is completed and a motorized bicycle license plate is issued.

Within 20 days the purchaser shall present one copy of the form to the Division of Motor Vehicles, together with any additional information which the director may require, pay the requisite fee and register the motorized bicycle in the manner provided in this act.

The fee for the initial registration of a motorized bicycle by a given owner shall be $8.00. The yearly fee for each renewal of registration shall be $8.

L.1983,c.105,s.10; amended 1994,c.60,s.23.

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