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    Chapter 4: Application of chapter

      Section: 39:4-140: Designation of through highways, stop intersections and yield intersections; erection of stop or yield signs

           The Commissioner of Transportation, with reference to State highways, may by regulation and the local authorities, with reference to any highway under their jurisdiction, may by ordinance or resolution, subject to the approval of the commissioner, except as otherwise provided in R.S. 39:4-8, designate through highways and erect "stop" signs or "yield" signs at specified entrances thereto, or may designate any intersection as a stop intersection or as a yield intersection and may erect "stop" signs or "yield" signs at one or more entrances to such intersections.

The commissioner on his own motion may designate through streets, stop intersections and yield intersections, and upon the designation shall give notice thereof to the board or body charged with the maintenance of such streets or intersections. The board or body shall thereupon comply with section 39:4-141 of this Title. The commissioner may by appropriate order withdraw the designation of through streets, stop intersections or yield intersections and thereafter cause the removal of "stop" signs or "yield" signs indicating such streets or intersections.

Amended by L.1951, c. 23, p. 101, s. 79; L.1956, c. 107, p. 486, s. 3; L.1958, c. 114, p. 587, s. 2; L.1971, c. 428, s. 1, eff. Feb. 1, 1972; L.1983, c. 227, s. 3, eff. June 27, 1983.

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