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    Chapter 4: Application of chapter

      Section: 39:4-201: Resolutions, ordinances, regulations pertaining to traffic on county roads; notice; penalties.

          39:4-201. Except as otherwise provided in R.S.39:4-8, no governing body of any county in this State may adopt resolutions, ordinances, or regulations on a matter covered by or which alters or in any way nullifies the provisions of this chapter or of any supplement thereto, except that, without the approval of the commissioner, and consistent with the current standards prescribed by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for streets and highways, ordinances, resolutions, or regulations may be passed by a governing body for the supervision and regulation of traffic on any county roads of the county upon the subject matter and within the limitations prescribed in R.S.39:4-197, and the governing body may prescribe penalties for violations of the resolutions, ordinances, or regulations; provided, however, that a fine of not less than $50 be imposed upon the violator of an ordinance, resolution, or regulation, as the case may be, establishing parking spaces for persons with disabilities.

Matters pertaining to the supervision and regulation of traffic, to be established by ordinance, resolution, or regulation pursuant to R.S.39:4-197, shall in counties operating under the "Optional County Charter Law," P.L.1972, c.154 (C.40:41A-1 et seq.) be established by ordinance.

No ordinance, resolution, or regulation adopted pursuant to this section shall be effective unless due notice to the public is given as provided in R.S.39:4-198.

The penalties may be enforced by the proper method of procedure before a magistrate. In default of the payment of the penalty, the magistrate may commit the offender to the county jail for a period not exceeding five days.

amended 1951, c.23, s.113; 1980, c.143, s.2; 1983, c.227, s.5; 2008, c.110, s.3; 2017, c.131, c.166.

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