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    Chapter 4: Application of chapter

      Section: 39:4-6: Duties of commissioner.

39:4-6. The commissioner shall investigate traffic conditions, means for their improvement and the enforcement of laws and regulations relating to traffic, including pedestrian travel on the public streets and highways. He may determine, regulate and control the character, type, location, placing of and operation of all official traffic control devices on the streets, highways and public places in the State, or cause the removal of such devices determined to be unnecessary. He shall see that the laws relating to such devices are enforced, investigate the manner of enforcing the laws regarding the parking of vehicles on public highways, the use of streets by pedestrians, investigate the location of "stop" signs and cause the removal of those which in his opinion are installed in violation of this chapter, and cause the removal of all colored lights so located as to be confused with traffic signals. He shall also enforce the provisions of this chapter and promulgate rules and regulations for the enforcement of his duties hereunder.

This section shall not be construed to in any way curtail the powers of actual enforcement vested by law in the local authorities.

Amended 1951, c.23, s.6; 2003, c.13, s.48.

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