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    Chapter 4: Application of chapter

      Section: 39:4-72: Slowing, stopping on signal from driver, rider of a horse; violations, fine.

39:4-72. a. When approaching or passing a person riding or driving a horse, a person driving a motor vehicle shall reduce the vehicle's speed to a rate not exceeding 25 miles an hour and proceed with caution. At the request of or upon a signal by putting up the hand or otherwise, from a person riding or driving a horse in the opposite direction, the motor vehicle driver shall cause the motor vehicle to stop and remain stationary so long as may be necessary to allow the horse to pass.

b. The administrator shall include in the New Jersey Driver Manual information explaining the requirements of subsection a. of this section and cautioning licensees on the need to exercise caution when operating a motor vehicle near horses.

c. A person who violates subsection a. of this section shall be subject to a fine of $150.

Amended 2004, c.163, s.1.

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