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    Chapter 4: Application of chapter

      Section: 39:4-94.2: State, county or municipal highway, road or street closed with posted notice and barricade; violations; penalty

           Whenever by order of the Commissioner of the Department of Transportation, a State highway, or by resolution of a county governing body, a county public road, or by appropriate action of the governing body of a municipality, a municipal street or road is declared closed to traffic for any lawful purpose, and a notice of the closing has been posted at the beginning and ending points of the closed section of the highway, road, or street, and a barricade erected at those points, any person who without the permission of the commissioner or governing body of the county, or municipality, as the case may be:

a. Mutilates or removes the notice, or damages, destroys or removes any warning sign or signal, or removes the barricade placed or posted by the commissioner or county or municipal governing body, at any point along the highway, road or street in connection with or relating to the closed portion thereof; or

b. Drives a vehicle over or upon the closed section of the highway, road or street which he knows or should have reason to know has been closed to traffic; or

c. Violates any rule or regulation for the use of the highway, road or street duly made by the commissioner or county or municipal governing body, as authorized by law, he shall be subject to a fine of not more than $100.00.

L.1981, c. 229, s. 1, eff. July 27, 1981.

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