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Title: 10 - CIVIL RIGHTS

Chapter: 5 -

10:5-1: Short title

10:5-2: Police power, enactment deemed exercise of

10:5-2.1: Other laws unaffected

10:5-2.2: Higher education exception

10:5-3: Findings, declarations.

10:5-3.1: Findings, declarations relative to discrimination based on pregnancy, childbirth, related medical conditions.

10:5-4: Obtaining employment, accommodations and privileges without discrimination; civil right.

10:5-4.1: Construction of act.

10:5-5: Definitions relative to discrimination.

10:5-5.1: Division to be known as "Division on Civil Rights"

10:5-6: Division on Civil Rights created; powers.

10:5-7: Composition of division; commission; membership; appointment; term; vacancies; compensation

10:5-8: Attorney General's powers and duties.

10:5-8.1: Preparation of statement by Attorney General.

10:5-8.2: Investigation, enforcement actions, communications privileged.

10:5-9.1: Enforcement of laws against discrimination in public housing and real property.

10:5-9.2: Division on Civil Rights qualified as "certified agency."

10:5-10: Commission's powers and duties; local commissions.

10:5-11: Evidence in obedience to summons; immunity of witnesses

10:5-12: Unlawful employment practices, discrimination.

10:5-12.1: Reinstatement, back pay

10:5-12.2: Unlawful discrimination against Medicaid applicants, recipients of public assistance

10:5-12.3: Report of admission denial

10:5-12.4: Failure to use barrier free housing standards, unlawful discrimination.

10:5-12.5: Regulation of land use, housing, unlawful discrimination.

10:5-12.6: Liability imposed on employers who discharge, discriminate against employee who displays the American flag.

10:5-12.7: Certain waivers in employment contract deemed against public policy and unenforceable.

10:5-12.8: Certain provisions in employment contract, settlement agreement deemed against public policy and unenforceable.

10:5-12.9: Liability for enforcing, attempting to enforce provision deemed against public policy, unenforceable.

10:5-12.10: Retaliatory actions prohibited.

10:5-12.11: Grievances, actions.

10:5-12.12: Unlawful employment practice; member of protected class.

10:5-13: Filing complaint; prosecution of suit in Superior Court, jury trial

10:5-14: Investigation of complaint; Attorney General's duties.

10:5-14.1: Enforcement of act; summary proceedings

10:5-14.1a: Penalties; disposition

10:5-14.2: Counties and municipalities over 200,000; office of civil rights; creation and establishment; officers; organization; powers

10:5-14.3: Delegation of powers by Attorney General; review of findings and conclusions

10:5-15: Notice requiring respondent to answer charges; place of hearing

10:5-16: Practice and procedure.

10:5-17: Findings and conclusions of director; order.

10:5-18: Rules of practice; limitations

10:5-19: Enforcement of orders

10:5-21: Appeals

10:5-24: Transcript of hearing

10:5-25: Attorney for division; compensation

10:5-26: Resisting or impeding performance of duties; violation of orders; punishment

10:5-27: Construction of act; other laws not affected; exception; other remedies.

10:5-27.1: Attorney fees.

10:5-28: Partial invalidity

10:5-29: Person with a disability; accompaniment by service or guide dog; use of public facilities; liabilities.

10:5-29.1: Person with a disability; unlawful employment practice.

10:5-29.2: Housing accommodations.

10:5-29.3: Service, guide dog trainer; access to public facilities; responsibilities.

10:5-29.4: Right-of-way for person accompanied by or instructing a guide dog.

10:5-29.5: Violations, misrepresentation, interference with disabled persons, guide or service dogs; fine.

10:5-29.6: Rights and privileges relative to service dogs.

10:5-29.7: Definitions relative to access for certain working dogs.

10:5-29.8: Law enforcement, emergency service workers with working dog entitled to full access.

10:5-29.9: Possessors of working dog, certain, entitlement to housing, business accommodations.

10:5-29.10: Violations; fine.

10:5-29.11: Civil penalty concerning person with a disability accompanied by guide or service dogs; complaint, action with Division on Civil Rights.

10:5-30: Administration and enforcement

10:5-31: Definitions.

10:5-32: Public works contract not awarded without agreement and guarantee of equal opportunity.

10:5-34: Affirmative action program, submission to State Treasurer; fee; approval.

10:5-35: Failure to include affirmative action program; nullity of contract; violations; fine

10:5-36: State treasurer; enforcement; powers

10:5-37: Costs of project; inclusion of expenses furthering equal employment opportunities

10:5-38: Persons entitled to bring enforcement actions

10:5-39: Definitions

10:5-40: Equal employment opportunities for Vietnam era veterans; public works contracts; complaint; investigations

10:5-41: Affirmative action program for veterans; investigations

10:5-42: Penalties

10:5-43: Short title

10:5-44: Findings, declarations relative to genetic information

10:5-45: Informed consent required to obtain genetic information

10:5-46: Authorization to retain genetic information

10:5-47: Conditions for disclosure of genetic information

10:5-48: Notice to persons receiving genetic testing

10:5-49: Violations, penalties for unlawful disclosure of genetic information

10:5-50: Discrimination in housing for certain offenses; violations, fines, penalties.