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Chapter: 2 - Civil service commission established.

11a:2-1: Civil service commission established.

11a:2-2: Implementation.

11a:2-3: Members; term; quorum; vacancies; chairperson.

11a:2-4: Removal of a commission member other than chairperson of the commission.

11a:2-5: Compensation.

11a:2-6: Powers and duties.

11a:2-6a: Definitions relative to uniform domestic violence policies for public employers.

11a:2-7: Subpenas; oaths.

11a:2-11: Powers and duties of the commission.

11a:2-11.1: Title changes in the career service.

11a:2-12: Delegation.

11a:2-13: Opportunity for appointing authority hearing, alternative procedures.

11a:2-14: Notice to employee of right to appeal, alternative procedures.

11a:2-15: Appeal procedure.

11a:2-16: Appeal procedure for suspension or fine of five days or less.

11a:2-17: Use immunity

11a:2-18: Representation.

11a:2-19: Authority to increase or decrease penalty imposed.

11a:2-20: Forms of disciplinary action.

11a:2-21: Burden of proof

11a:2-22: Back pay, benefits, seniority and reasonable attorney fees.

11a:2-23: Political activity limited

11a:2-24: Protection against reprisals.

11a:2-28: Law enforcement officers, certain, participation in intergovernmental transfer program.