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Chapter: 4 - Examinations.

11a:4-1: Examinations.

11a:4-1.1: Application fee for examinations; additional fees; uses.

11a:4-1.2: Rules, regulations.

11a:4-2: Holding of examinations.

11a:4-3: Admission to examinations.

11a:4-4: Eligible lists and certifications.

11a:4-5: Use of eligible list.

11a:4-6: Duration of lists.

11a:4-7: Exceptions to duration of a list

11a:4-8: Certification and appointment.

11a:4-9: Types of eligible lists.

11a:4-10: Arrests and criminal records

11a:4-11: Removal on criminal record.

11a:4-12: Priority of lists

11a:4-13: Types of appointment.

11a:4-14: Promotion.

11a:4-15: Working test period.

11a:4-16: Transfer, reassignment and lateral title change.