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Chapter: 5 -

11a:5-1: Definitions.

11a:5-1.1: Veteran status determined for civil service preference.

11a:5-2: Spouse of disabled veteran or deceased veteran

11a:5-3: Parent and spouse of veteran who has died in service

11a:5-4: Disabled veterans' preference

11a:5-5: Veterans' preference

11a:5-6: Appointment of veterans

11a:5-6.1: Addition of names of certain veterans to certain civil service eligibility lists.

11a:5-7: Inapplication of statutes to promotions

11a:5-8: Preference in appointment in noncompetitive division.

11a:5-9: Preference to veterans in layoffs

11a:5-10: Hearing on dismissal of veteran.

11a:5-11: Veterans not to be discriminated against because of physical defects.

11a:5-12: Employment or promotion of persons awarded Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Air Force Cross or Navy Cross.

11a:5-13: World War soldiers in employment of a county, municipality or school district; promotion.

11a:5-14: Veteran police officer or fire fighter in city of first class; examination and promotion

11a:5-15: Enforcement.