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Chapter: 6 - Leaves.

11a:6-1: Leaves.

11a:6-1.1: Establishment of voluntary furlough program.

11a:6-2: is Vacation leave; full-time State employees.

11a:6-3: Vacation leave; full-time political subdivision employees.

11a:6-4: Death of employee having vacation credit

11a:6-5: Sick leave

11a:6-6: State administrative leave.

11a:6-7: Leaves for part-time employees

11a:6-8: Sick leave injury in State service.

11a:6-9: Leaves of absence for police officers and fire fighters

11a:6-10: Leaves of absence for convention attendance.

11a:6-11: Leave for athletic competition

11a:6-11.1: Certain State employees permitted leave of absence to participate in certain disaster relief services.

11a:6-12: Leaves of absence for elected and appointed union officials.

11a:6-13: Appointment by governor; leave of absence without pay

11a:6-14: Elective office; leave of absence without pay; appointments to position; reemployment list

11a:6-15: Eligibility for promotions during leave of absence

11a:6-16: Supplemental compensation upon retirement in state employment

11a:6-17: Supplemental compensation; employees of Rutgers, The State University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Rowan University.

11a:6-18: Supplemental compensation; deferred retirement

11a:6-19: Supplemental compensation; computation; limitation

11a:6-19.1: Payment of accumulated sick leave by political subdivision under civil service.

11a:6-19.2: Cap on compensation for unused sick leave under Title 11A.

11a:6-20: Supplemental compensation; certification of accumulated sick leave

11a:6-21: Supplemental compensation; break in service

11a:6-22: Supplemental compensation; inapplicability to other pension retirement benefits

11a:6-23: Supplemental compensation; rules.

11a:6-24: Hours of work, overtime and holiday pay.

11a:6-24.1: Paid holidays granted to State government employees.

11a:6-25: State training programs.

11a:6-25.1: Programs to improve efficiency, effectiveness of public service.

11a:6-26: Employee career development.

11a:6-27: Political subdivisions.

11a:6-28: Employee performance evaluations.

11a:6-29: Awards committee.

11a:6-30: Awards

11a:6-31: Powers and duties of the committee.

11a:6-32: Payment of awards