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Chapter: 12 -

12a:12-1: Short title

12a:12-2: Definitions relative to electronic transactions

12a:12-3: Applicability of act to electronic records, signatures; exceptions

12a:12-4: Act applies on or after June 26, 2001

12a:12-5: Electronic record, signature not required

12a:12-6: Construction of act

12a:12-7: Legal effect and enforceability

12a:12-8: Use, retention, content, format of electronic records

12a:12-9: Attribution, effect of electronic records, signatures

12a:12-10: Rules applicable to changes, errors in electronic records

12a:12-11: Notarized signatures or records

12a:12-12: Retention of electronic records

12a:12-13: Admissibility of electronic records, signatures

12a:12-14: Rules applicable to automated transactions

12a:12-15: Conditions under which electronic record is sent, received

12a:12-16: Control of transferable records

12a:12-17: Governmental agency creation, retention, conversion of electronic records

12a:12-18: Use of electronic records, signatures by governmental agencies; specifications

12a:12-19: Adoption of standards for governmental agencies

12a:12-20: Severability

12a:12-21: Use of electronic record to satisfy consumer information in writing, conditions

12a:12-22: Findings, declaration concerning "federal E-sign"

12a:12-23: Capability of electronic records retention by recipients

12a:12-24: Accessibility of records of information

12a:12-25: The New Jersey Center for Electronic Transactions and Informational Privacy, established

12a:12-26: "Statute, regulation or other rule of law" defined