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Chapter: 2 -

12a:2-101: Short title

12a:2-102: Scope; certain security and other transactions excluded from this chapter

12a:2-103: Definitions and index of definitions

12a:2-104: Definitions: "merchant" ; "between merchants" ; "financing agency"

12a:2-105: Definitions: transferability; "goods" ; "future" goods; "lot" ; "commercial unit"

12a:2-106: Definitions: "contract" ; "agreement" ; "contract for sale" ; "sale" ; "present sale" ; "conforming" to contract; "termination" ; "cancellation"

12a:2-107: Goods to be severed from realty: recording

12a:2-201: Formal requirements; statute of frauds

12a:2-202: Final written expression: parol or extrinsic evidence

12a:2-203: Seals inoperative

12a:2-204: Formation in general

12a:2-205: Firm offers

12a:2-206: Offer and acceptance in formation of contract

12a:2-207: Additional terms in acceptance or confirmation

12a:2-208: Course of performance or practical construction

12a:2-209: Modification, rescission and waiver

12a:2-210: Delegation of performance; assignment of rights

12a:2-301: General obligations of parties

12a:2-302: Unconscionable contract or clause

12a:2-303: Allocation or division of risks

12a:2-304: Price payable in money, goods, realty, or otherwise

12a:2-305: Open price term

12a:2-306: Output, requirements and exclusive dealings

12a:2-307: Delivery in single lot or several lots

12a:2-308: Absence of specified place for delivery

12a:2-309: Absence of specific time provisions; notice of termination

12a:2-310: Open time for payment or running of credit; authority to ship under reservation

12a:2-311: Options and cooperation respecting performance

12a:2-312: Warranty of title and against infringement; buyer's obligation against infringement

12a:2-313: Express warranties by affirmation, promise, description, sample

12a:2-313.1: Consumer goods product; warranties of 90 days or less; computation of time

12a:2-313.2: Consumer goods product; defined

12a:2-314: Implied warranty: merchantability; usage of trade

12a:2-315: Implied warranty: fitness for particular purpose

12a:2-316: Exclusion or modification of warranties

12a:2-317: Cumulation and conflict of warranties express or implied

12a:2-318: Third party beneficiaries of warranties express or implied

12a:2-319: F.O.B. and F.A.S. terms

12a:2-320: C.I.F. and C. & F. terms

12a:2-321: C.I.F. or C. & F.: "net landed weights" ; "payment on arrival" ; warranty of condition on arrival

12a:2-322: Delivery "ex-ship"

12a:2-323: Form of bill of lading required in overseas shipment; "overseas"

12a:2-324: "No arrival, no sale" term

12a:2-325: "Letter of credit" term; "confirmed credit"

12a:2-326: Sale on approval and sale or return; rights of creditors

12a:2-327: Special incidents of sale on approval and sale or return

12a:2-328: Sale by auction

12a:2-329: Short title

12a:2-330: Definitions

12a:2-331: Terms of consignment

12a:2-332: Protection of consignor from creditors of consignee

12a:2-333: Consignments protected from creditors

12a:2-334: Consignment agreement

12a:2-335: Civil liability of consignee

12a:2-336: Waiver of rights of consignor

12a:2-401: Passing of title; reservation for security; limited application of this section

12a:2-402: Rights of seller's creditors against sold goods

12a:2-403: Power to transfer; good faith purchase of goods; "entrusting"

12a:2-501: Insurable interest in goods; manner of identification of goods

12a:2-502: Buyer's right to goods on seller's repudiation, failure to deliver, or insolvency

12a:2-503: Manner of seller's tender of delivery

12a:2-504: Shipment by seller

12a:2-505: Seller's shipment under reservation

12a:2-506: Rights of financing agency

12a:2-507: Effect of seller's tender; delivery on condition

12a:2-508: Cure by seller of improper tender or delivery; replacement

12a:2-509: Risk of loss in the absence of breach

12a:2-510: Effect of breach on risk of loss

12a:2-511: Tender of payment by buyer; payment by check.

12a:2-512: Payment by buyer before inspection; exceptions.

12a:2-513: Buyer's right to inspection of goods

12a:2-514: When documents deliverable on acceptance; when on payment

12a:2-515: Preserving evidence of goods in dispute

12a:2-601: Buyer's rights on improper delivery

12a:2-602: Manner and effect of rightful rejection

12a:2-603: Merchant buyer's duties as to rightfully rejected goods

12a:2-604: Buyer's options as to salvage of rightfully rejected goods

12a:2-605: Waiver of buyer's objections by failure to particularize

12a:2-606: What constitutes acceptance of goods

12a:2-607: Effect of acceptance; notice of breach; burden of establishing breach after acceptance; notice of claim or litigation to person answerable over

12a:2-608: Revocation of acceptance in whole or in part

12a:2-609: Right to adequate assurance of performance

12a:2-610: Anticipatory repudiation

12a:2-611: Retraction of anticipatory repudiation

12a:2-612: "Installment contract" ; breach

12a:2-613: Casualty to identified goods

12a:2-614: Substituted performance

12a:2-615: Excuse by failure of presupposed conditions

12a:2-616: Procedure on notice claiming excuse

12a:2-701: Remedies for breach of collateral contracts not impaired

12a:2-702: Seller's remedies on discovery of buyer's insolvency

12a:2-703: Seller's remedies in general

12a:2-704: Seller's right to identify goods to the contract notwithstanding breach or to salvage unfinished goods

12a:2-705: Seller's stoppage of delivery in transit or otherwise

12a:2-706: Seller's resale including contract for resale

12a:2-707: "Person in the position of a seller"

12a:2-708: Seller's damages for non-acceptance or repudiation

12a:2-709: Action for the price

12a:2-710: Seller's incidental damages

12a:2-711: Buyer's remedies in general; buyer's security interest in rejected goods

12a:2-712: "Cover" ; buyer's procurement of substitute goods

12a:2-713: Buyer's damages for non-delivery or repudiation

12a:2-714: Buyer's damages for breach in regard to accepted goods

12a:2-715: Buyer's incidental and consequential damages

12a:2-716: Buyer's right to specific performance or replevin

12a:2-717: Deduction of damages from the price

12a:2-718: Liquidation or limitation of damages; deposits

12a:2-719: Contractual modification or limitation of remedy

12a:2-720: Effect of "cancellation" or "rescission" on claims for antecedent breach

12a:2-721: Remedies for fraud

12a:2-722: Who can sue third parties for injury to goods

12a:2-723: Proof of market price: time and place

12a:2-724: Admissibility of market quotations

12a:2-725: Statute of limitations in contracts for sale