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Chapter: 11 - Right of shareholders to dissent.

14a:11-1: Right of shareholder to dissent.

14a:11-2: Notice of dissent; demand for payment; endorsement of certificates

14a:11-3: "Dissenting shareholder" defined; date for determination of fair value

14a:11-4: Termination of right of shareholder to be paid the fair value of his shares

14a:11-5: Rights of dissenting shareholder

14a:11-6: Determination of fair value by agreement

14a:11-7: Procedure on failure to agree upon fair value; commencement of action to determine fair value

14a:11-8: Action to determine fair value; jurisdiction of court; appointment of appraiser

14a:11-9: Judgment in action to determine fair value

14a:11-10: Costs and expenses of action

14a:11-11: Disposition of shares acquired by corporation