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Chapter: 13 - Holding and conveying real estate

14a:13-1: Holding and conveying real estate

14a:13-2: Application of act to foreign corporations

14a:13-3: Admission of foreign corporation

14a:13-4: Application for certificate of authority

14a:13-5: Effect of certificate of authority

14a:13-6: Amended certificate of authority

14a:13-7: Change of name by foreign corporation

14a:13-8: Withdrawal of foreign corporation

14a:13-9: Termination of existence of foreign corporation

14a:13-10: Revocation of certificate of authority; issuance of certificate of revocation

14a:13-11: Transacting business without certificate of authority

14a:13-12: Injunction against foreign corporation

14a:13-13: Vesting of title to real property upon merger or consolidation of foreign corporations

14a:13-14: Short title

14a:13-15: Notice of business activities report; necessity; filing; activities or property maintenance covered

14a:13-16: Exemptions

14a:13-17: Definitions

14a:13-18: Annual filing; due date

14a:13-19: Forms; certification

14a:13-20: Failure to file timely report

14a:13-21: Application of state tax uniform procedure law to this act

14a:13-22: Administration of act by director of division of taxation

14a:13-23: Severability