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Chapter: 17 - Legislative intent

14a:17-1: Legislative intent

14a:17-2: Short title

14a:17-3: Terms defined.

14a:17-4: Application of act

14a:17-5: Professional corporation and foreign professional legal corporation

14a:17-6: Directors and officers

14a:17-7: Rendering of professional service limited to licensed personnel; charges authorized

14a:17-8: Professional relationship; personal liability; corporate liability

14a:17-9: Limitations on corporate business activity

14a:17-10: Who may own shares; voting trust; estate ownership

14a:17-11: Disqualification to render service

14a:17-12: Transfer of shares

14a:17-13: Corporate existence; corporation to convert to business corporation; acquisition of shares of disqualified or deceased shareholder

14a:17-14: Corporate name.

14a:17-15: Applicable law; consolidation, merger; report, contents

14a:17-16: Provisions severable; repealer

14a:17-17: Construction

14a:17-18: Repeal