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Chapter: 3 - General powers.

14a:3-1: General powers.

14a:3-2: Ultra vires transactions

14a:3-3: Guaranty not in furtherance of business interest

14a:3-4: Contributions by corporations

14a:3-5: Indemnification of directors, officers and employees.

14a:3-6: Provisions relating to actions by shareholders

14a:3-6.1: Definitions relative to derivative proceedings and shareholder class actions.

14a:3-6.2: Conditions for commencing, maintaining proceeding.

14a:3-6.3: Actions taken before commencing proceeding.

14a:3-6.4: Stay of proceeding.

14a:3-6.5: Conditions for dismissal of proceeding.

14a:3-6.6: Court's approval required.

14a:3-6.7: Termination of derivative proceeding, shareholder class action.

14a:3-6.8: Security for reasonable expenses.

14a:3-6.9: Applicability.