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Chapter: 7 - Authorized shares

14a:7-1: Authorized shares

14a:7-2: Issuance of shares in classes and series; board action

14a:7-3: Subscription for shares.

14a:7-4: Consideration for shares

14a:7-5: Payment for shares; nonassessability

14a:7-6: Redeemable shares

14a:7-7: Share rights and options

14a:7-8.1: Par value of shares and stated capital.

14a:7-9: Convertible shares and bonds.

14a:7-10: Expenses of organization, reorganization and financing

14a:7-11: Certificates representing shares

14a:7-12: Transfer of shares and restrictions on transfer

14a:7-13: Issuance of fractional shares or scrip

14a:7-14.1: Limitations on distributions to shareholders

14a:7-15: Authority to pay dividends

14a:7-15.1: Share dividends, share divisions and combinations

14a:7-16: Acquisitions of a corporation's own shares

14a:7-18: Cancellation of reacquired shares