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Chapter: 12 - Methods of dissolution

15a:12-1: Methods of dissolution

15a:12-2: Dissolution before commencing activities

15a:12-3: Dissolution without a meeting of members

15a:12-4: Dissolution pursuant to action of board and members

15a:12-5: Dissolution pursuant to action of board

15a:12-6: Dissolution pursuant to provision in certificate of incorporation

15a:12-7: Dissolution upon expiration of period of duration

15a:12-8: Plan of dissolution and disposition of assets

15a:12-9: Disposition of unclaimed assets

15a:12-10: Certificate of dissolution; contents; approval

15a:12-11: Dissolution in action brought by the Attorney General

15a:12-12: Involuntary dissolution; other remedies

15a:12-13: Discontinuance of action or special proceeding

15a:12-14: Effective time of dissolution

15a:12-15: Effect of dissolution

15a:12-16: Revocation of dissolution proceedings

15a:12-17: Effect of revocation of dissolution

15a:12-18: Notice to creditors; filing claims

15a:12-19: Barring of claims of creditors

15a:12-20: Disposition of rejected claims

15a:12-21: Jurisdiction of the superior court

15a:12-22: Judgment of dissolution; filing copy

15a:12-23: Dissolution upon liquidation