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Chapter: 5 - Place of members' meetings

15a:5-1: Place of members' meetings

15a:5-2: Annual or biennial meeting of members

15a:5-3: Special meetings of members

15a:5-4: Notice of members' meetings

15a:5-5: Waiver of notice or of lapse of time

15a:5-6: Action by members without a meeting

15a:5-7: Fixing record date

15a:5-8: Voting list

15a:5-9: Quorum of members

15a:5-10: Voting by members

15a:5-11: Votes required

15a:5-12: Greater or lesser voting requirements

15a:5-13: Memberships held or controlled by the corporation not voted or counted

15a:5-14: Memberships held by another corporation

15a:5-15: Memberships held by fiduciaries

15a:5-16: Memberships held jointly or as tenants in common

15a:5-17: Voting of pledged memberships

15a:5-18: Proxy voting

15a:5-19: Agreements as to voting; provision in certificate of incorporation as to control of trustees

15a:5-20: Elections of trustees; cumulative voting

15a:5-21: Selection of inspectors

15a:5-22: Duties of inspectors

15a:5-23: Review of elections by superior court

15a:5-24: Books and records; right of inspection

15a:5-25: Liabilities of members