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Chapter: 6 - Board of trustees

15a:6-1: Board of trustees

15a:6-2: Number of trustees

15a:6-3: Term of trustees

15a:6-4: Classification of trustees; restriction of right to choose trustees

15a:6-5: Vacancies and newly created trusteeships

15a:6-6: Removal of trustees

15a:6-7: Quorum of board of trustees and committees; vote required; action of trustees without a meeting

15a:6-8: Effect of common trusteeships and trustees' personal interest

15a:6-9: Executive committee; other committees

15a:6-10: Place and notice of trustees' meetings

15a:6-11: Loans to officers or employees

15a:6-12: Liability of trustees in certain cases

15a:6-13: Liability of trustees; presumption of assent to action taken at a meeting

15a:6-14: Standard of care; liability of trustees; reliance on corporate records

15a:6-15: Officers

15a:6-16: Removal and resignation of officers; filling of vacancies

15a:6-17: Bonds; facsimile signatures and seals