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Chapter: 1 - Incorporation of religious societies or congregations.

16:1-1: Incorporation of religious societies or congregations.

16:1-2: Certificate; contents; recording; effect on corporate existence

16:1-3: Certain religious societies authorized to file record with secretary of state

16:1-4: Powers

16:1-5: Corporate action by majority of members; presence in person; validity

16:1-6: Property; power of sale; authorization

16:1-7: Land for cemetery or burial purposes; acquisition and disposition

16:1-7.1: Prohibitions relative to religious entities; terms defined.

16:1-8: Election of trustees; tenure

16:1-10: Annual meeting; notice; procedure

16:1-11: Trustees of corporations incorporated under special act; qualifications

16:1-12: Change of time and place of annual meeting of church incorporated under special act

16:1-13.1: Election of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, other officers; dual capacity as officer and trustee; tenure

16:1-13.2: Vacancies

16:1-13.3: Qualifications of trustees and officers; members entitled to vote

16:1-14: Convening of corporation and execution of contracts

16:1-15: Secretary; duties; delivery of records when office expires; access to records

16:1-16: Treasurer; duties; delivery of records when term expires

16:1-18: Corporate changes; name; number of officers or trustees; tenure

16:1-19: Certificate of change; filing

16:1-20: Consolidation; procedure

16:1-21: Effect of consolidation on property, powers, rights, privileges and franchises

16:1-22: Sale or disposition of trust property; law applicable; disposition of proceeds

16:1-23: Sale and conveyance of trust property by trustees when discharged of trust by donor

16:1-24: Conveyance of real estate to church or religious society by its corporate name

16:1-25: Diversion of estate, property and revenue; action

16:1-26: Disposition of funds for school purposes; action to determine disposition

16:1-27: Effect of incorporation of unincorporated society on property previously held

16:1-28: Saving of rights under charters granted by Great Britain

16:1-29: Title extended to singing classes and Sunday schools

16:1-30: Church, religious society or denomination; corporate entity; suits

16:1-31: Organizations or committees to aid feeble congregations; additional powers

16:1-32: Incorporation; powers

16:1-33: Property subject to regulations of state organization

16:1-34: Incorporation; powers; corporate action

16:1-35: Trustees; election

16:1-36: Officers; duties

16:1-37: Incorporation; certificate; trustees; tenure

16:1-38: Account; trustees to furnish; audit

16:1-39: Property of extinct churches

16:1-40: Incorporation; certificate; contents and filing

16:1-41: Trustees; holders of designated offices as

16:1-42: Trustees; filling vacancies

16:1-43: Powers

16:1-43.1: Consolidation authorized

16:1-43.2: Consolidation agreement

16:1-43.3: Consolidation agreement; provisions for organization, etc.

16:1-43.4: Approval and adoption of agreement

16:1-43.5: Certificate of adoption; filing, notice of adoption

16:1-43.6: Effect of consolidation

16:1-43.7: Gifts, legacies, etc., to vest in consolidated corporation; continuation of separate constituents

16:1-43.8: Vested rights and privileges of constituent corporations; continuation of corporate existence

16:1-43.9: Powers of consolidated corporation

16:1-43.10: Copy of consolidation agreement to be evidence; records

16:1-44: Registration of name with secretary of state; fee

16:1-45: Certificate of registration; certificate as evidence

16:1-46: Infringement on name; misdemeanor

16:1-47: Directors of corporations for support of ministers; increase; tenure