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Chapter: 11 - Incorporation; election of trustees; tenure

16:11-1: Incorporation; election of trustees; tenure

16:11-2: Certificate of incorporation; contents; acknowledgment; recording

16:11-3: Powers; sale, conveyance or mortgage; authorization by members

16:11-4: Certain powers subject to authority of session or spiritual officers

16:11-5: Voters; qualifications; list of

16:11-6: Succession of trustees of church having incorporated board

16:11-7: Trustees; change of number

16:11-8: Meetings of trustees; president to convene

16:11-9: Secretary; minutes and seal

16:11-10: Treasurer; election and duties

16:11-11: Treasurer; election by trustees; duties and powers

16:11-12: Auditing committee

16:11-13: Vacancies of trustees or officers; filling

16:11-14: Annual meetings of congregation

16:11-15: Special meetings of congregation

16:11-16: Annual reports; statements

16:11-17: Records; trustees or members may examine

16:11-18: Incorporation of presbytery; powers

16:11-19: Trustees; succession; election; tenure

16:11-20: President

16:11-21: Reincorporation under other provisions; resolution; certificate recorded

16:11-22: Trustees; change of number and tenure; provisions for election of officers; resolution; certificate recorded

16:11-23: Property of dissolved church; disposition of property and proceeds

16:11-24: Certified copy receivable in evidence