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Chapter: 12 - Incorporation; meeting

16:12-1: Incorporation; meeting

16:12-2: Certificate; acknowledgment; contents; filing and recording

16:12-3: Powers

16:12-4: Sale, conveyance, mortgage or lease of real estate; consent of bishop and standing committee

16:12-5: By-laws

16:12-6: Members and officers

16:12-7: Rector; filling vacancy

16:12-8: Meetings of vestry

16:12-9: Vestry; quorum

16:12-10: Annual parish election; notice; officers; qualifications of voters; ballot; quorum; by-law regarding wardens or vestrymen

16:12-11: Election of officers; tenure

16:12-12: Warden or vestryman; filling vacancy

16:12-13: Special parish meetings

16:12-14: Changes; corporate title, number of vestrymen, tenure, annual meeting

16:12-15: Consolidation

16:12-16: Property of extinct parish

16:12-17: "Parish" as meaning "congregation"

16:12-18: Incorporation

16:12-19: Powers; holding property in trust

16:12-20: Trustees; certificate of incorporation; filing; powers

16:12-21: Management of funds; property in trust

16:12-22: Statement of proceedings and account; removal of trustee; filling vacancy

16:12-23: Division of property on division of diocese

16:12-24: Change of corporate names; filing certificate

16:12-25: Effect of change on property rights and liabilities

16:12-26: Establishment of trust fund

16:12-27: Investment in trust fund

16:12-28: Name of fund; management; incorporation; powers of corporation

16:12-29: Authority to retain investments

16:12-30: Reinvestments; securities in which funds may be invested

16:12-31: Dividends