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Chapter: 13 - Incorporation

16:13-1: Incorporation

16:13-2: Powers; execution of deeds

16:13-3: Succession of trustees; tenure; decision of disputes

16:13-4: President; corporate meetings

16:13-5: Minutes; seal; records

16:13-6: Access to corporate records

16:13-7: Corporate action by majority vote; right to vote

16:13-8: Renunciation of charter upon incorporation under this chapter

16:13-9: Division of congregations and property

16:13-10: Renunciation of separate charters and joint incorporation

16:13-11: Chapter extended to True Reformed Dutch or Christian Reformed churches; incorporations validated

16:13-12: Rights and customs confirmed

16:13-13: Sections inapplicable to Reformed churches

16:13-14: Extinct church or religious society; vesting of property; reversionary interests

16:13-15: Extinct church or religious society defined; dissolution; transfer of property

16:13-16: Action for dissolution

16:13-17: Management or sale of property by classis