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Chapter: 5 - Incorporation

16:5-1: Incorporation

16:5-2: Incorporation validated

16:5-3: Certain provisions of title extended to Lutheran Church Congregations

16:5-4: Lutheran Synod or District; formation

16:5-5: Board of trustees

16:5-6: Certificate; filing; fee

16:5-7: Contents of certificate

16:5-8: Written certificate required; acknowledgment

16:5-9: Constitution

16:5-10: By-laws

16:5-11: Officers and committees

16:5-12: Powers of corporation

16:5-13: Strife and division in congregation; settlement; title and disposition of property

16:5-15: Manner of incorporation of Lutheran Church Congregation; organizational meeting; notice

16:5-16: Resolution of incorporation; number of trustees; election; terms

16:5-17: Trustees; terms; vacancies

16:5-18: Corporate name; determination; resolution; required vote

16:5-19: Certificate of incorporation; contents; acknowledgment

16:5-20: Certificate; filing; recording; effect

16:5-21: Members; voting rights

16:5-22: Powers

16:5-23: Meetings; by-laws

16:5-24: Affiliation with constituent synod or district; acceptance of act by previously incorporated churches; certificate

16:5-25: Merger; consent; certificate

16:5-26: Disbanding or ceasing to function; passage of title to synod or district

16:5-27: Combinations, consolidations or mergers