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Title: 17B - INSURANCE

Chapter: 17 - Scope of act

17b:17-1: Scope of act

17b:17-2: Insurer defined

17b:17-3: Life insurance defined

17b:17-4: Health insurance defined

17b:17-5: Annuity defined

17b:17-5.1: Definitions; funeral insurance policies

17b:17-6: Person defined

17b:17-7: Domestic insurer, foreign insurer, alien insurer defined

17b:17-8: State defined

17b:17-9: Domicile defined

17b:17-10: Principal office defined

17b:17-11: Authorized insurer, unauthorized insurer defined

17b:17-12: Certificate of authority; license defined

17b:17-12.1: Change of domicile for insurers

17b:17-13: Misdemeanor to do business unless authorized

17b:17-13.1: Charitable annuities.

17b:17-14: General penalty

17b:17-15: Conflict with other laws

17b:17-16: Separability of provisions

17b:17-17: Short title

17b:17-18: Purpose

17b:17-19: Definitions

17b:17-20: Application of act; exclusions

17b:17-21: Policy forms

17b:17-22: Issuance of policy forms after filing; construction with other laws

17b:17-23: Flesch reading ease score; authorization of lower score

17b:17-24: Content of policy forms; construction with other laws

17b:17-25: Date of application

17b:17-26: Definitions relative to life insurance.

17b:17-27: Applicability of act.

17b:17-28: Use of death index by insurer.

17b:17-29: Action of insurer upon receiving notice of death.

17b:17-30: Procedures to confirm death, location, notification of beneficiaries.

17b:17-31: Inapplicability of act.