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Title: 17B - INSURANCE

Chapter: 18 - Scope of chapter

17b:18-1: Scope of chapter

17b:18-2: Stock insurer defined

17b:18-3: Mutual insurer defined

17b:18-4: Organization of stock or mutual insurer

17b:18-5: Approval of certificate by commissioner; recording and filing

17b:18-6: Stipulations in stock subscriptions and applications

17b:18-7: Certificate of incorporation of mutual insurer; election of directors

17b:18-8: Loan to mutual insurer for organizational expenses

17b:18-10: Election of directors of mutual insurer pursuant to provision in certificate of incorporation

17b:18-11: Nomination of candidates for director

17b:18-12: Death, withdrawal or incapacity of candidates for director

17b:18-13: Qualified voters; "policyholder" defined

17b:18-14: Elections of directors of mutual insurers; procedure, ballots

17b:18-15: Nominations by others than board of directors; notice of election

17b:18-16: Canvass of votes; tie vote

17b:18-17: Report of result of election

17b:18-18: Choosing of directors for mutual life insurers having in excess of ten million policies in force

17b:18-19: Number of directors; appointment of public directors; ex officio directors

17b:18-20: Public directors; carry-overs; appointments; terms; vacancies; powers

17b:18-21: Elected directors; carry-overs; terms; vacancies

17b:18-22: Elected directors; manner of electing

17b:18-23: Qualified voters; "policyholder" for purpose of election defined

17b:18-24: Nomination of candidates; demand by public directors

17b:18-25: Method of electing when no demand is made by public directors

17b:18-26: Method of election when demand is made by public directors that other candidates be nominated

17b:18-27: Mailing of ballot; effect

17b:18-28: Filing certificate on number of policies; copy delivered to Chief Justice

17b:18-29: Election of directors in mutual insurer issuing temporary stock

17b:18-30: Proxy voting permitted at elections

17b:18-31: Emergency by-laws

17b:18-32: Failure to adopt emergency by-laws; procedure

17b:18-33: National emergency; succession

17b:18-34: National emergency; relocation of principal place of business

17b:18-37: Definitions; deposit prerequisite to authorization

17b:18-38: Deposits; interest on; substitution of

17b:18-39: Deposits to do business in other jurisdictions

17b:18-39.1: Fees for services of custodian required pursuant to N.J.S.17B:18-37 et seq.

17b:18-41: Examination before commencing business

17b:18-42: Certificate of authority; when issuable.

17b:18-43: Domestic insurers, powers, duties--general corporation law

17b:18-44: Stock of other insurance company

17b:18-45: Authority to acquire, hold and convey real estate

17b:18-46: Limitation on dividends to stockholders

17b:18-47: Increase or decrease of capital stock

17b:18-48: Advertisement of assets to include liabilities

17b:18-49: Cash disbursements to be evidenced by voucher

17b:18-50: Payment of taxes, charges and fees prior to determination of invalidity

17b:18-51: Compensation of directors

17b:18-52: Insurer payments to senior officers restricted

17b:18-53: Reporting amount of stock owned and changes therein by director, officer, and principal stockholders of domestic stock insurers

17b:18-54: Suit for profits realized by director, officer, and principal stockholders

17b:18-55: Limitation on sale of stock by director, officer and principal stockholders

17b:18-56: Stock insurers; change of name, extension of corporate existence or amendment of charter or certificate of incorporation

17b:18-57: Mutual insurers; change of name, extension of corporate existence or amendment of charter or certificate of incorporation

17b:18-58: Mutual insurers; adoption of amended charter or certificate of incorporation

17b:18-59: Mutualization of stock insurers

17b:18-60: Merger and consolidation of stock insurers

17b:18-61: Merger and consolidation of mutual insurers

17b:18-62: "Reinsurance" defined

17b:18-63: Reinsurance of risks

17b:18-64: Prerequisites to reinsurance

17b:18-65: Extended reinsurance

17b:18-65.1: Rules and regulations

17b:18-66: Reinsurance pooling

17b:18-67: Short title

17b:18-68: Surplus, capital required

17b:18-69: Temporary waiver of capital, surplus requirements

17b:18-70: Increase in amount of required capital, surplus

17b:18-71: Factors for determination of increase, revision, redetermination

17b:18-72: Suspension, revocation of authority to do business