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Title: 17B - INSURANCE

Chapter: 25 - "Industrial life insurance" ; definition

17b:25-1: "Industrial life insurance" ; definition

17b:25-2: Standard provisions required

17b:25-2.1: Cancellation of policy within 10 days after receipt

17b:25-3: Grace period

17b:25-4: Incontestability

17b:25-5: Entire contract

17b:25-6: Misstatement of age

17b:25-7: Dividends

17b:25-8: Policy loan

17b:25-9: Reinstatement

17b:25-10: Payment of premiums

17b:25-10.1: Notice mailed to holders of life insurance policy

17b:25-11: Payment of claims

17b:25-12: Beneficiary; industrial policies

17b:25-13: Nonforfeiture benefits and cash surrender values

17b:25-14: Title

17b:25-15: Provision prohibited

17b:25-16: Excluded or restricted coverage

17b:25-17: Incontestability; limitation of liability after reinstatement

17b:25-18: Filing of forms

17b:25-18.1: Life, health insurance policy, contract; compliance

17b:25-18.2: Filing of policy, contract or related form

17b:25-18.3: Policies, contract forms; certification memorandums; exceptions

17b:25-18.4: Filing of certain forms of life insurance approved in other states.

17b:25-18.5: Certain actions taken by department employees to result in termination.

17b:25-19: Standard nonforfeiture law for life insurance

17b:25-20: Standard nonforfeiture law for individual deferred annuities.

17b:25-20.1: Supersedure of standard nonforfeiture law, certain.

17b:25-21: Short title.

17b:25-22: Inapplicability of act.

17b:25-23: Required provisions for contract of annuity.

17b:25-24: Minimum values.

17b:25-25: Paid-up annuity benefit.

17b:25-26: Cash surrender benefits, determination of present value.

17b:25-27: Determination of present value.

17b:25-28: Determination of benefits.

17b:25-29: Notice of benefits not provided in contract.

17b:25-30: Benefits allowance for lapse of time and payments beyond schedule.

17b:25-31: Minimum nonforfeiture benefits.

17b:25-32: Rules.

17b:25-33: Effective date, applicability.

17b:25-34: Findings, declarations relative to certain annuity products.

17b:25-35: Definitions relative to certain annuity products.

17b:25-36: Use of certain terms regulated; exceptions.

17b:25-37: Certain annuities excluded; annuities buyer's guide; annuity contract disclosure statement.

17b:25-38: Certain annuities excluded, information recorded; determination as to suitability of annuity for consumer; system of supervision.

17b:25-39: Cancellation provision for certain annuities.

17b:25-40: Certain annuities excluded; report to owner.

17b:25-41: Collection, maintenance of information.

17b:25-42: Violations, penalties.