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Title: 17B - INSURANCE

Chapter: 26A -

17b:26A-1: Definitions

17b:26A-2: Regulations; medicare supplement policies

17b:26A-3: Prohibited provisions

17b:26A-4: Preexisting condition; denial of claim for losses

17b:26A-5: Regulations

17b:26A-6: Medicare supplement policy or certificate, requirements

17b:26A-7: Outline of coverage, regulations

17b:26A-8: 30-day examination period, refunds

17b:26A-9: Applicability

17b:26A-10: Filing of copies of advertising materials, regulations

17b:26A-11: Additional remedies

17b:26A-12: Findings, declarations on Medicare supplement insurance

17b:26A-13: Medicare Supplement Plan C offered

17b:26A-14: Rules, regulations; rates; plan provision

17b:26A-15: Procedures for equitable sharing of losses; conditions; filing statement

17b:26A-16: Audit required, conditions

17b:26A-17: Definitions