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Title: 17B - INSURANCE

Chapter: 27 -

17b:27-26: Definitions and requirements

17b:27-27: Employer, trustee, labor union, association groups

17b:27-28: Other groups as permitted under group life insurance

17b:27-29: Discretionary groups

17b:27-30: Dependents.

17b:27-30.1: Benefits provided by group policy to subscriber's child

17b:27-30.2: Requirements applicable to State Medicaid

17b:27-30.3: Coverage provided by group health plan to subscriber's child

17b:27-30.4: Requirements applicable to State Medicaid

17b:27-30.5: Coverage for certain dependents until age 31 by group health insurance policy.

17b:27-31: "Employees" defined

17b:27-32: Blanket insurance

17b:27-33: Standard provisions

17b:27-34: Application; statements

17b:27-35: Policy changes

17b:27-36: New entrants

17b:27-36.1: Eligibility for enrollment under policy providing hospital, medical expense benefits.

17b:27-36.2: Group health insurance, policy, exclusion, rates, terms based on genetic information prohibited

17b:27-37: Payment of premiums

17b:27-38: Certificate

17b:27-39: Age limits

17b:27-40: Notice of loss

17b:27-41: Proof of loss

17b:27-42: Forms for proof

17b:27-43: Examination, autopsy

17b:27-44: Time of benefit payment

17b:27-44.2: Health insurer to receive, transmit transactions relative to group policies electronically; standards.

17b:27-45: Beneficiary; direct payment to hospitals and other purveyors of services

17b:27-46: Time limits, suits

17b:27-46.1: Treatment of alcoholism; benefits

17b:27-46.1a: Reconstructive breast surgery; benefits

17b:27-46.1b: Group health insurance policies

17b:27-46.1c: Benefits for purchase of blood products, infusion equipment

17b:27-46.1d: Commercial health insurer benefits for preexisting condition

17b:27-46.1e: Group health insurance policy to pay benefits for treatment of Wilm's tumor

17b:27-46.1f: Group health insurance policy, mammogram examination benefits.

17b:27-46.1g: .Group health insurance policy, benefits for "off-label" drugs required

17b:27-46.1h: Group health insurer, benefits for health promotion

17b:27-46.1i: Requirements for group health insurer providing benefits for pharmacy services.

17b:27-46.1j: Benefits for certain cancer treatments

17b:27-46.1k: Coverage for birth and natal care; group insurance policy

17b:27-46.1l: Group health insurance policy, child screening, blood lead, hearing loss; immunizations.

17b:27-46.1m: Coverage for diabetes treatment by group health insurance policy

17b:27-46.1mm: Group health insurance policy, contract, coverage for synchronization of prescribed medications.

17b:27-46.1nn: Group health insurance to provide benefits for treatment of substance use disorder.

17b:27-46.1oo: Group health insurance policy to provide coverage regardless of gender identity, expression.

17b:27-46.1pp: Group health insurance policy to cover digital tomosynthesis of the breast.

17b:27-46.1qq: Group health insurance policy to provide coverage for donated human breast milk.

17b:27-46.1n: Group health insurance policy, Pap smear benefits

17b:27-46.1o: Group health insurance policy, prostate cancer testing

17b:27-46.1p: Coverage for minimum inpatient care following mastectomy by group policy

17b:27-46.1q: Applicability of Health Care Quality Act

17b:27-46.1r: Coverage for treatment of inherited metabolic diseases by group health insurance policy.

17b:27-46.1s: Group health insurer to cover certain audiology, speech-language pathology services.

17b:27-46.1t: Coverage for treatment of domestic violence injuries by group health insurance policy.

17b:27-46.1u: Coverage for certain dental procedures for the severely disabled or child age five or under by group health insurance policy

17b:27-46.1v: Group health insurers to provide coverage for biologically-based mental illness.

17b:27-46.1w: Coverage for hemophilia services by group health insurers

17b:27-46.1x: Group health insurance policy to provide coverage for treatment of infertility.

17b:27-46.1y: Group policy to provide coverage for colorectal cancer screening.

17b:27-46.1z: Group health insurer prescription drug plans to cover certain infant formulas.

17b:27-46.1aa: Policy issued under Chapter 27 of Title 17B required to cover certain out-of-network services.

17b:27-46.1bb: Group health insurer to offer coverage for domestic partner.

17b:27-46.1cc: Group health insurance policy, high deductible, coverage for preventive care.

17b:27-46.1dd: Group health insurance policy, high deductible, deductible inapplicable, certain circumstances.

17b:27-46.1ee: Group health insurer, coverage for prescription female contraceptives.

17b:27-46.1ff: Group health insurance policies to provide benefits for orthotic and prosthetic appliances.

17b:27-46.1gg: Group health insurance policy to provide coverage for hearing aids for certain persons aged 15 or younger.

17b:27-46.1hh: Group health insurance policy to provide installment payments to obstetrical provider for maternity services.

17b:27-46.1ii: Group health insurance policy to provide benefits for treatment of autism or other developmental disability.

17b:27-46.1jj: Group health insurance policy to provide coverage for oral anticancer medications.

17b:27-46.1kk: Group health insurance policy to provide coverage for sickle cell anemia.

17b:27-46.1ll: Group health insurer to provide coverage for prescription eye drops.

17b:27-46.2: Second surgical opinions; definitions

17b:27-46.3: Group insurance policies; provision of program on request

17b:27-46.4: Payment for second surgical opinion services

17b:27-46.5: Third surgical opinion

17b:27-46.6: Reduction of benefits where no second opinion obtained

17b:27-46.7: Permissible benefit exclusions

17b:27-46.8: Payment for opinion services of physician

17b:27-46.9: Application of act

17b:27-47: Group health or blanket insurance--provisions as favorable; policies issued outside State

17b:27-48: Exceptions in same type as benefits

17b:27-49: Filing of forms

17b:27-50: Reimbursement for service of physician or practicing psychologist

17b:27-50.1: Severability

17b:27-51: Reimbursement for optometric service

17b:27-51.1: Reimbursement for service of chiropractor

17b:27-51.1a: Group health insurance benefits for certain nursing services

17b:27-51.2: Legislative findings and declarations

17b:27-51.3: Definitions

17b:27-51.4: Home health care; requirement for coverage

17b:27-51.5: Benefits

17b:27-51.6: Direct reimbursement to home health care providers

17b:27-51.7: Regulations

17b:27-51.8: Policy provision for reimbursement of dental services; payment regardless of discipline of provider

17b:27-51.9: Application to policy or contract not limited to reimbursement of specific types of duly licensed health care professionals other than dentists

17b:27-51.10: Renewal date; policy with reservation of right to change premium

17b:27-51.10a: Alternative dental coverage; original coverage restricted to limited number of providers

17b:27-51.10b: Employer contribution

17b:27-51.10c: Rules and regulations

17b:27-51.11: Definitions

17b:27-51.12: Total disability of employee or member; continuation under group policy; conditions

17b:27-51.13: Inapplicability to policy without right of insurer to terminate without consent of insured

17b:27-52: Group life and health--package policies

17b:27-53: Group life and health--rate reductions and application of dividends; excess over employer's cost

17b:27-54: Application of provisions; definitions.

17b:27-55: Imposition of preexisting condition exclusion

17b:27-56: Incidents, certain, no imposition of preexisting condition exclusion

17b:27-57: Genetic information, not preexisting condition

17b:27-58: Counting of period of creditable coverage

17b:27-59: Application of creditable coverage

17b:27-60: Written certification of creditable coverage under COBRA

17b:27-61: Affiliation period imposed by HMO

17b:27-62: Permission to enroll for group coverage

17b:27-63: Dependent special enrollment period

17b:27-64: Rules for eligibility, health status-related factors prohibited

17b:27-65: Premiums, contributions regulated

17b:27-66: Renewal of coverage; exceptions

17b:27-67: Modification of coverage

17b:27-68: Conditions for issuance, delivery of group life insurance.

17b:27-69: Conditions for issuance, delivery of group life insurance to groups not included in C.17B:27-68.

17b:27-70: Written notice to prospective insureds of noncompliance with C.17B:27-68; definitions.

17b:27-71: Extension to dependents of group life insurance policy.

17b:27-72: Required provisions for delivery, issuance of group life insurance policy.

17b:27-73: Issuance, delivery of individual policy of life insurance.

17b:27-74: Filing of form required for delivery, issuance of group life insurance.

17b:27-75: Payment of benefits.