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Title: 17B - INSURANCE

Chapter: 27B -

17b:27B-1: Definitions relative to third party administrators, billing services.

17b:27B-2: Licensure, registration required for third party administrators.

17b:27B-3: Additional information required for licensure, registration.

17b:27B-4: Issuance of license, approval of application for registration.

17b:27B-5: Denial of license, registration.

17b:27B-6: Provisions of written agreement; requirements.

17b:27B-7: Access to books, records.

17b:27B-8: Payment to third party administrators not based solely on claims denials.

17b:27B-9: Fiduciary responsibility of third party administrators.

17b:27B-10: Separate accounts for funds remitted.

17b:27B-11: Prompt delivery of communications to enrollees.

17b:27B-12: Notification of material changes to commissioner.

17b:27B-13: Annual reports.

17b:27B-14: Suspension, revocation of license, registration.

17b:27B-15: Immediate suspension of license, registration, grounds.

17b:27B-16: Certification required for third party billing services.

17b:27B-17: Additional information to be filed by third party billing services.

17b:27B-18: Approval of applications for certification.

17b:27B-19: Denial of applications for certification.

17b:27B-20: Written agreements required for conducting business as third party billing service.

17b:27B-21: Fiduciary responsibility of third party billing services.

17b:27B-22: Notification of material changes to commissioner.

17b:27B-23: Suspension, revocation of certification.

17b:27B-24: Violations, penalties.

17b:27B-25: Rules, regulations.