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Title: 17B - INSURANCE

Chapter: 27C -

17b:27C-1: Short title.

17b:27C-2: Purposes of act.

17b:27C-3: Definitions relative to self-funded multiple employer welfare arrangements.

17b:27C-4: Annual registration, fee.

17b:27C-5: Deposit, maintenance of cash, securities.

17b:27C-6: Required filings.

17b:27C-7: Liability of members.

17b:27C-8: Inapplicability of insurance laws.

17b:27C-9: Examination of loss reserves.

17b:27C-10: Revocation, suspension of certificate of registration; violations, penalties.

17b:27C-11: Rehabilitation, liquidation, conservation, dissolution.

17b:27C-12: Rules, regulations.