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Title: 17B - INSURANCE

Chapter: 27E - Purpose of act on long-term care insurance

17b:27E-1: Purpose of act on long-term care insurance

17b:27E-2: Application of act

17b:27E-3: Short title

17b:27E-4: Definitions relative to regulation of long-term care insurance

17b:27E-5: Compliance required

17b:27E-6: Prohibitions relative to long-term care insurance

17b:27E-7: Grounds for rescinding policy, denying a claim

17b:27E-8: Conditions for delivery, issuance of policy

17b:27E-9: Regulations

17b:27E-10: Prior approval of commissioner required

17b:27E-11: Insurer to file rates, rating schedule, supporting documentation

17b:27E-12: Additional penalties