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Title: 17B - INSURANCE

Chapter: 28 - Definition

17b:28-1: Definition

17b:28-2: Qualification of insurer

17b:28-3: Certificate to sell

17b:28-4: Required statements; procedure

17b:28-5: Form of contract

17b:28-6: Administration

17b:28-7: Separate accounts; approval by commissioner

17b:28-8: Amounts placed in account; liabilities

17b:28-9: Investment of assets; eligibility; definition

17b:28-10: Valuation of assets

17b:28-11: Reserve liability

17b:28-12: Annuities

17b:28-14: Regulation of separate account contracts, insurers issuing the same and sales agents

17b:28-15: Application to separate accounts and separate account contracts of Title 17B; required provisions for variable life insurance contracts