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Title: 17B - INSURANCE

Chapter: 30B -

17b:30B-1: Short title.

17b:30B-2: Definitions relative to viatical settlements.

17b:30B-3: License to operate as viatical settlement provider.

17b:30B-4: Refusal to issue, suspension, revocation, refusal to renew license.

17b:30B-5: Approval of viatical settlement forms by commissioner.

17b:30B-6: Filing of annual statement.

17b:30B-7: Examinations of licensees by commissioner.

17b:30B-8: Disclosures to viator, procedure.

17b:30B-9: Material required prior to entering into viatical settlement contract.

17b:30B-10: Two-year period required between issuance of policy and viatical settlement; exceptions.

17b:30B-11: Advertisement of viatical settlement contracts; guidelines, standards.

17b:30B-12: Fraudulent viatical settlement acts, prohibited, reporting, investigation, prosecution.

17b:30B-13: Injunction in addition to penalties, enforcement provisions.

17b:30B-14: Violation considered unfair trade practice; penalties.

17b:30B-15: Regulations, authority of commissioner.

17b:30B-16: Construction of act with Uniform Securities Law.

17b:30B-17: Continuation of negotiating viatical settlements, certain circumstances prior to act.