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Title: 17B - INSURANCE

Chapter: 32 -

17b:32-31: Short title, purpose of act

17b:32-32: Application of authorized proceedings

17b:32-33: Definitions

17b:32-34: Jurisdiction over delinquency proceedings

17b:32-35: Restraining orders, injunctions

17b:32-36: Cooperation with commissioner in proceedings

17b:32-37: Proceedings previously commenced deemed commenced under this act; exceptions, distribution of claims

17b:32-38: Prohibitions relative to insurer subject to delinquency proceeding

17b:32-39: Filing of petition; court orders

17b:32-40: Confidentiality of documents, files, records, papers

17b:32-41: Petition for authority to rehabilitate insurer

17b:32-42: Appointment of rehabilitator

17b:32-43: Powers of rehabilitator

17b:32-44: Staying of pending actions

17b:32-45: Petition for order of liquidation

17b:32-46: Basis for order of liquidation

17b:32-47: Appointment of liquidator

17b:32-48: Policies to continue in force

17b:32-49: Petition for dissolution

17b:32-50: Powers of liquidator

17b:32-51: Notice of liquidation order

17b:32-52: Provision of information to liquidator by agents, licensing affected

17b:32-53: Actions against or by insurer, liquidator

17b:32-54: Preparation of list of insurer's assets

17b:32-55: Transfers, obligations deemed fraudulent

17b:32-56: Transfer of real property deemed valid

17b:32-57: Preferences

17b:32-58: Claims of creditor

17b:32-59: Mutual debts, credits

17b:32-60: Report by liquidator

17b:32-61: Amount recoverable not affected by delinquency proceedings

17b:32-62: Payment of unpaid premium, violations; penalties; appeals

17b:32-63: Proposal to disburse assets

17b:32-64: Filing of proof of claims

17b:32-65: Statement to proof of claim

17b:32-66: Contingent, absolute, limited claims

17b:32-67: Third party, insured claims

17b:32-68: Denial of claims

17b:32-69: Proving, filing of claim of subrogee

17b:32-70: Determination of value of security

17b:32-71: Priority of distribution of claims

17b:32-72: Review of claims

17b:32-73: Payment of distributions

17b:32-74: Distribution of unclaimed funds

17b:32-75: Application for discharge

17b:32-76: Petition for reopening of proceedings

17b:32-77: Retaining, destruction of records

17b:32-78: Audits of receiverships

17b:32-79: Grounds for appointment of conservator

17b:32-80: Grounds for liquidation of assets of insurer

17b:32-81: Vesting of title with domiciliary liquidator

17b:32-82: Petition for appointment as ancillary receiver

17b:32-83: Institution of proceedings

17b:32-84: Claims filed in liquidation proceedings begun in State

17b:32-85: Claims filed in liquidation proceedings in reciprocal state

17b:32-86: Actions, proceedings prohibited during pendency of liquidation proceeding

17b:32-87: Order of distribution of claims

17b:32-88: Failure of ancillary receiver to transfer assets

17b:32-89: Persons entitled to protection

17b:32-90: Commissioner's powers unaffected

17b:32-91: Rules, regulations

17b:32-92: Rights relative to certain financial agreements; terms defined.