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Title: 17B - INSURANCE

Chapter: 32B -

17b:32B-1: Short title.

17b:32B-2: Purpose of act.

17b:32B-3: Definitions relative to certain insolvent health maintenance organizations.

17b:32B-4: Payment for eligible services, benefits.

17b:32B-5: New Jersey Insolvent Health Maintenance Organization Assistance Association.

17b:32B-6: New Jersey Insolvent Health Maintenance Organization Assistance Fund.

17b:32B-7: Board of directors.

17b:32B-8: Maximum liability of association.

17b:32B-9: Assessment of member organizations.

17b:32B-10: Submission of plan of operation.

17b:32B-11: Additional powers, duties of the commissioner.

17b:32B-12: Tax credit permitted for member organizations.

17b:32B-13: Examination, regulation.

17b:32B-14: Exemption of association from certain fees, taxes.

17b:32B-15: Condition for receipt by providers of payments.

17b:32B-16: Immunity from liability for member organizations, etc.

17b:32B-17: Rules, regulations.